Our Mission


The Physiotherapy Studio strives in

restoring harmony in life, work and

play by providing up to date evidence

based assessments and treatments

addressing the specific needs for our



Being a physiotherapist is not

‘what’ we are but ‘who’ were are.

Our Vision


We always aim to provide with an

excellent level of care and treatment.

We are a friendly and holistic

physiotherapy practice and ensure that

our clients receive the best outcomes

from their first appointment. We are

committed to on-going training and

development thus enabling us to

provide the highest quality of

physiotherapy service.

Who We Are


We are zealous physiotherapists who

are continuously upgrading their

knowledge and skills for the benefit of

their clients.

We pride ourselves in offering

expertise assessment, treatments and

goal specific rehabilitation from the

acute stage of the pathology to long

term management. Our area of special

interest is in orthopedic, sports injury

and rehabilitation.


We understand that each client is unique in how they present with their condition

and thus how they will respond to treatment.

We are able to identify and adapt our treatment techniques to suit the needs of the